United Airlines Flight Booking Online

United Airlines a sign of constant development in aviation field based in United States is a premier air carrier company that operates in 235 domestic destinations and 138 international sites. For United Airlines booking in domestic and international destinations you could contact Bestflightcheapfares. United Airlines flights connect the entire globe and its classified service is distinct from other major airlines company of America. 

Connectivity and Fleet Size

You can find United Airlines tickets to a total of 235 domestic mainline destinations, operated by United from its 7 domestic hubs and is a leading American airline between Hawaii and the continental U.S.
You can also find United Airlines Flight Booking Online to 138 international destinations to a total of 60 countries across the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

UA consists of a total of 721 aircrafts and some the major aircraft are mentioned below–
57 Airbus A319-100
97 Airbus A320-200
40 Boeing 737-700
132 Boeing 737-800
12 Boeing 737-900
130 Boeing 737-900ER
21 Boeing 747-400

United’s Travel Classes

First Class: United first is mostly offered on domestically configured aircrafts that flies to destinations like Canada, Central America and Caribbean destinations. The premium cabin of flight is branded as United Business but it comes without personal reading lamp. Seats are 38 inch and tickets come with baggage boarding convenience beside that pre departure meals are offer and separate check in desk is arranged.

Business Class: United Business First or Business Class is on for wide body aircraft like Boeing 757-200s, business first class passenger could have hand on separate counters and can use security screening.  Amenities within flight include pre departure beverages, linens and multi course meals designed by United's Congress of Chefs on international flights. Traveler baggage is given more priority and boarding would be much more conventional. 

Economy Class: Economy Class is available in all aircrafts of United Airlines and it usually has a pitch of 30 inches with entertainment on demand. All economy seats come with adjustable headrest and wireless facility. Economy class on Boeing 767-300, Boeing 767-400, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787s include personal 7 inch touch screen television. Meals are complimentary along with beverages.

In-flight services

You are subject to tremendous customer service from flight attendant from very moment you board your seat. It is their duty to help you with your baggage and to seat numbers. The aircraft has interior specification as United Airlines have fleet of Boeing. The premium cabin experience and in flight entertainment is part of services. They offer amenity kits to traveler and free wireless internet can help you enjoy watch online stuff while flying. Demand on entertainment is a primary service and premium cabin menu is ever changing delightful to eat.

Seats are well designed to offer comfort and wider seat cushions give that personal space. Reclining style gives rest to your back with six way adjustable mode. Universal AC power is connected so that you don’t run out of battery and in arm storage helps you to enjoy watch movie and games. 

Baggage Information

Carryon bag of traveler must not exceed dimensions of 9x14 x 22 inches which includes handles and wheels on the other hand personal bag should be of 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches.  Anything beyond that would have to contact with baggage department for extra charges. Along with one bag and personal bag you are allowed to carry jacket or umbrella, reading journals, food or merchandise purchased in the airport, assistive devices, FAA approved child restraint system, diaper bag, breast pump and pet carrier. 

Traveler traveling with United Airlines Flight Reservation in economy and premier silver are allowed to carry a maximum weight of 23 Kg/ bag and traveler of united business and premier gold and platinum are allowed to carry a maximum weight of 32 kg/bag.


Ques. I am traveling in the United Airlines for the first time, how do I request a special meal for my flight?
Ans. The Online ticket booking of your flight will provide you options for meal. Else you can also call customer service support of the Airline or simply at the time of booking your flight you can ask our sale advisor’s to ask forward a request, (charges applicable). Airlines contact number can be found in the website of the Airlines. Also, in the flight, there are air hostesses and staff from whom you can seek help and ask for your meals. 

Ques. I am receiving an error message that my credit card information does not match what is in my credit card company’s record.
Ans. Please check the credentials of your credit card again. You can call the credit card unit of your bank, they will guide you about the error or omission you must have done unknowingly while entering your details while booking a ticket.

Ques. I want refund of my cancelled ticket. When can I expect the refund? 
Ans. You will get the refund normally within 7-8 working days. If the cancellation has done before 48 hours of the travelling day, then 90% of the amount is refunded. Refund of the ticket cancellation after 48 hours or within 24 hours from the take-off of the flight from the Airport will subject to the Airline payment policies and rules.

Ques. I did not get refund of my cancelled ticket. 
Ans. Please call the customer care support of your phone banking and credit card unit of your bank if you don’t get your refund even after 7-8 working days. Keep the reference number of your cancelled ticket handy. Do not hesitate to write them mail and keep a regular follow up until you get your refunds.